Mission and Vision


We humans are curious, we want to know what it looks like on the other side of the world and how people live there. We also want to enjoy the warm and pleasant weather, and all the beauty there is to discover. We want to stroll by those long sandy beaches ourselves, taste the delicious local dishes and see extraordinary temples and palaces with our own eyes.

But not everyone has time and inclination to pack their own rucksacks and travel on spec, arranging everything themselves and being disappointed because buses don’t run, temples are closed and hotels turn out to be disappointing. Besides, travelling by yourself takes more time because you have to arrange a lot along the way.

Thailand meet the locals
Meet the friendly locals

We say that with such certainty because we have done and experienced it all ourselves. Having found travelling so amazing and challenging (because it is), we started organising tours ourselves. Not around the world, but in the countries in Asia that we know so well first-hand. So therefore, we know what we are talking about. The day tours we offer, we have done ourselves, and in the hotels we have slept. After all, we want the trip you are planning to take to be an unforgettable experience.


At Amazing Asia Tours, we want you to discover the soul of your travel destination, to see for yourself in Thailand why the people there are so nice, why the Vietnamese are so passionate about their country. On our tours, you will meet locals, because we want you to get to know the real Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Sri Lanka. Our guides will point out the most delicious restaurants, and take you to the little temples that don’t attract crowds of tourists.

Thailand local market guide
Local guide talking about tropical fruits at market in Northern Thailand

Therefore, we only work with enthusiastic people; from guide to driver, but certainly also the travel coordinator who puts the itinerary together with you. After all, we tailor your trip to your needs and are only completely satisfied when you are. We have been doing this for more than 15 years, so we confidently say that you will get a better and more complete trip because we are already in Asia.

Sustainable tourism

We have only one Earth and only one Thailand, Vietnam or Sri Lanka. We must therefore take care of nature and culture in these countries, as well as people and animals. That is why we work as much as possible with drivers and guides from the region and source our products from local suppliers. This way, we not only create wonderful trips for you, but the people in the areas you visit also really benefit themselves.

Thailand longnecks
Sustainable tourism includes benefits for local communities, like this Karen woman and her baby in Northern Thailand

We respect nature and ensure that no damage is done on our treks and walks, and we don’t let anyone ride elephants, for example. Where possible, we choose to travel by train instead of by plane and keep travel time as short as possible. The goal is clear: we want a future generation to be able to live and work in these countries we love so much, and that all these beautiful locations can continue to be visited by travellers who are as curious as we are now. For more information, check Sustainable travel with Amazing Asia Tours.