Amazing Asia Tours. Who are we?

Sawadee Ka! We are Amazing Asia Tours

It is actually a privilege to be involved in travelling every day. To travel ourselves (because it is an insatiable pleasure), but also to be able to organise trips for others with great care and passion.

Do you recognise the following? When we return from an adventure in Asia (or from anywhere else), don’t we all tell friends and family where they absolutely must go, and don’t we share with other travellers along the way the nicest restaurants and places they really shouldn’t miss.

This is exactly how Amazing Asia Tours started a quarter of a century ago. By sharing travel information, by taking trips, and again, and again. That’s how making trips led to guiding trips. The later founders of Amazing Asia Tours earned their first spurs in the travel business as tour leaders.

thailand kanchanaburi wat tham sua tempel 10
Wat Tham Sua Temple, Kanchanaburi

Only years later, in the first decade of this century, did these tour guides become organisers, because by then they knew the best hotels, where to eat delicious Thai food, and which sights not to miss. They never forgot that small experiences make travelling special, and that travelling is a lot more enjoyable if you don’t have to deal with too much traffic, language difficulties and other inconveniences along the way.

Now, again many years later, an enthusiastic team of British, Dutch, Belgian and (mostly) Thai colleagues organises tours from Bangkok for thousands of curious people who want to experience for themselves why Thailand is so beautiful and amazing. All these trips are completely tailor-made, so everyone gets the very best!